Behind the Green Door DVD - Marilyn Chambers

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Behind the Green Door - The Sequel



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"Behind the Green Door" showcased the wet and wild debut of Marilyn Chambers and established a chic, sophisticated approach to erotic adult films. In contrast to Deep Throat, which mixed hardcore action with terrible jokes, Behind the Green Door is smooth, urbane and a realistic study of a woman's sexuality. By today's standards the photography and filmmaking is lacking in quality, but it is still a watchable and arousing film. The story is about a trucker sitting in a cafe talking to this guy about a strange, bizarre sex club he attended while in San Francisco. In the club, a beautiful young girl is kidnapped and forced to participate in a live sex show for an audience of wealthy voyeurs. The action gets more graphic with each encounter--the scene between Marilyn Chambers and Johnny Keys is not to be missed. 71 minutes; 1972. DVD only

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