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Behind The Green Door
Marilyn Chambers undeniably changed the face of the adult film industry and here she stars in the classic ground-breaking ingenue role (her first!). A young woman is captured, ministered to and then licked into calm complacence by robed female attendants during a high-class, theatrical orgy staged for a black-tie audience. Brought to the screen by the innovative talents of the Mitchell Brothers, the viewer is taken on a cinematic journey into the sublime.

  [Behind The Green Door]

Opening Of Misty Beethoven
The only erotic feature to ever achieve FILM OF THE YEAR from all major magazines and associations, The "Opening Of Misty Beethoven" is a sultry tale of a streetwalker who is sexually transformed into a sophisticated socialite. It is perhaps the greatest blue movie ever made!

  [Opening Of Misty Beethoven]

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann
Playboy Magazine wasn't the only one to rave about the erotic heat of this fast-paced and funny feature by acclaimed director Henry Paris. When a suspicious husband hires detectives to tail his gorgeous wife, he gets more than he bargained for.

  [The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann]

Devil In Miss Jones
The "Devil in Miss Jones" opens as Justine Jones, a lonely virgin spinster, is driven to suicide through sheer sexual frustration. The fact that she's taken her own life means that she's forever stranded in limbo. She can't get to heaven, but she hasn't sinned enough to make it to hell. So the powers that be give her a chance to live her life again -- this time with permission to indulge her lustful desires. The rest of the film follows Miss Jones on her voyage of erotic discovery. "Devil in Miss Jones" is a true classic.

  [Devil In Miss Jones]

Debbie Does Dallas
The Original, Uncut Classic! Eight gorgeous cheerleaders do anything and everything to get to the top of the dog-eat-dog world of pep rallies. Bambi Woods makes her blue screen debut in this best-selling classic.

  [Debbie Does Dallas]

Deep Throat
One of the most popular blue movies in the history of adult films. This is the original classic hard-core film. No one interested in adult movies should pass it up -- this is the film that started it all. An instant classic; a collector's must; and one of the best porno flicks ever made -- intelligent, musical, funny, and as sexy as they come!

  [Deep Throat]

Wet Rainbow
A work of art with a taste of creative lust and raunchy sex. Harry Reems plays a college professor happily married to artist Georgina Spelvin. Everything begins to unravel, through, when an eye catching student nemed Rainbow sends him a nude photo. It seems that she's got her sights set on the good professor. Georgina is jealous at first, but soon discovers that she's developing feelings toward Rainbow herself -- strange, exciting ones. She and her loving husband find themselves drawn into a nexus of passion and lust as Rainbow's enchanting allure brings out their deepest carnal desires. An intimate story of lust and love and the differences between them.

  [Wet Rainbow]

Barbara Broadcast
Annette Haven is Barbara Broadcast, world-famous sex expert. C.J. Laing is a reporter looking for Annette's angle. They meet for an interview at an eaterie where sex is the best thing on the menu. They proceed to indulge in an orgiastic seven course sex-feast that has gone down in annals of blue movie history! Includes previously censored material!

  [Barbara Broadcast]

Desires Within Young Girls
A freshly widowed woman (played by porn film star Georgina Spelvin) who spends her last money in her efforts of getting her two daughters married to a rich man in order to secure her own financial future.

  [Desires Within Young Girls]

Mary! Mary!
Constance Money brings to the screen the kind of beauty that easily ranks her among the most internationally famous women of our time. Her appearance in "Misty Beethoven" brought her world-wide acclaim as the most beautiful actress ever to appear in an adult motion picture. Now in "Mary! Mary!" she proves that she is not only breathtakingly attractive, but a sexual superstar, as she, John Leslie and Sharon Thorpe prove beyond any doubt that this is without question the hottest and most erotically arousing film ever made. Truly a collector's treasure.

  [Mary! Mary!]

Pretty Peaches
Desiree is Peaches, a daffy carefree female who cheerfully plunges through life without any worries. After attending her father's wedding, she has an accident in her jeep that leaves her unconscious. Two guys find her and immediately take advantage of their good luck. It turns out that Peaches has amnesia, so the fellows offer to help her. The plot revolves around all the silly circumstances and schemes they come up with, and her resolve to keep on smiling through it all. Alex de Renzy regards "Pretty Peaches" as his best all around film.

  [Pretty Peaches]

Sex World
Welcome to Sex World; the chartered bus that was waiting for you at International Airport has brought you to this hidden retreat where you are free to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Sex World provided the stimulus, the partners, the time and the atmosphere to explore any and all areas of sexual gratification, free from hang-ups and outmoded attitudes of our present Victorian society. As you can see, our lucky guests enjoy themselves, each other, and our incomparable facilities for an entire week of unabated physical fulfillment!

  [Sex World]

Take Off
Time: the Present. At a lavish party thrown by an unknown host, a young lady, Linda, meets a handsome Texan and tries to discover who & where the mystery host is. Exploring the house, they happen upon a room that unexpectedly turns into a projection room. The film that the two guests watch is a very old "stag reel" of a very old man seducing a middle-aged woman. Later beside the pool Linda meets the mysterious host, Darrin Blue. Through a series of flashbacks Darin explains that the old man in the film is in fact Darrin Blue. "Take Off" is a delightful update of the Oscar Wilde idea of a man who never ages; but in this case, his image on an 8mm film ages instead. But "Take Off" is also quite literally, a take off on the movies of the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Darrin Blue in those time periods actually becomes some of our favorite characters from movies we all remember.

  [Take Off]

Anna Obsessed
Anna's marriage has lost its passion. After a traumatic rape, she is befriended by the beautiful Maggie, and succumbs to her charms. The film's production values capture the look and feel of misty film noir, especially with a serial rapist hovering in the background. Dark and foreboding, the film's best moments detail the simmering passion between Haven and Money that pays off when the lovers introduce Leslie into their now illicit relationship. It all unfolds like a smoky wet dream. The dreamy ambiance keeps you glued, and the finale is impossible to predict. A superb 35mm classic to be treasured!

  [Anna Obsessed]

V The Hot One
This film stars one of porn's golden age actresses, Annette Haven as a rich married lady who is dissatisfied with her sex life in general. She goes on the hunt for any guy who can meet her desires and ends up working for a sex parlour, only to be found out in the end. A good story about a high-class woman who secretly has an obsession of being a prostitute.

  [V The Hot One]

Shayla's Web
John Rice (Mickey G.) is a haunted, tortured soul who is a cyber junkie. He is addicted to porn on the Web. His charge cards are maxed, he's down to his last pack of smokes ... and tomorrow the will throw him out of his hotel room. Little does he know that he is part of an experiment being conducted by a large Internet provider -- "Dot Com" -- who is watching his every move and has set him on the course he's on. Rice falls in love with the star of Dot Com, Luxus Flux (Shayla). As Luxus Flux watches Rice's fall she begins to fall in love with him from the other side of the Net. Dot Com is controlled by Nolan Gold (Randy Spears), a master manipulator. And Rice is just a toy for him to play with. Luxus feels she must warn Rice of what is happening before he is totally destroyed by the Web.

  [Shayla's Web]

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