Behind the Green Door DVD - Marilyn Chambers

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Behind the Green Door DVD Product Details

Year: 1972
Mitchell Brothers Film Group presents Marilyn Chambers, the all-American Girl who undeniably changed the face of the adult film industry, stars in her classic ground-breaking ingenue role. Brought to the screen by the innovative talents of the Mitchell Brothers, she takes you on a cinematic journey into the sublime.

A short order cook convinces two customers to tell him the story of the green door that they have hinted about in the past. As the story goes, a woman (Marilyn Chambers) is kidnapped and is brought to a mysterious upscale club where she is ravished on stage for the enjoyment of the patrons.

Adult DVD Talk Review
"The film is well written and as with many of the films produced during the golden age, the writing resembles a mainstream film more than the adult films of today do. Not all the scenes are written to include sex, some are just used to actually tell the story present in the film. The music used in the film is excellent as well. It is not your average 70s porno sounding music track and adds to the originality of the film... Behind the Green Door is a must see for any aficionado of adult films and a must have for any serious collector of the classics. Viewers who like the classics, porn with a plot and couples should find this film very enjoyable." - Excerpt from Adult DVD Talk review

The Hype
"Prior to the movie's release, Marilyn Chambers had modeled for Procter & Gamble and Ivory Snow detergent. After the release of the movie, Procter & Gamble recalled all products and advertising materials featuring her, unintentionally adding to the movie's hype. Along with Deep Throat, released later in the same year, the movie launched the "porno chic" boom and started what is now referred to as the "Golden Age of Porn." Made with a budget of $60,000, the movie ultimately grossed over $25 million" - Excerpt from Wikipedia

Cast (in credits order)    
  Marilyn Chambers ... Gloria Saunders
  George S. MacDonald ... Barry Clark (as George S. McDonald)
  Johnny Keyes ... African stud (as Johnnie Keyes)
  Lisa Grant ... Matron
  Yank Levine ... Dudley
  Ben Davidson ... Porter the Bouncer
  Adrienne Mitchell ... Waitress
  Dana Fuller ... Hank - the cook
  Dale Meador ... Hotel clerk (as Dale Meade)
  Jim Mitchell ... First kidnapper (as James Mitchell)
  Artie Mitchell ... Second kidnapper (as Art Mitchell)
  Mike Bradford ... Parking lot attendant
  Tony Royale ... Guard
  Bunny Brody ... Female attendant
  Barbara Bryan ... Female attendant
  Bernice Mayo ... Female attendant
  Kandi Johnson ... Female attendant
  Rabin Dranthra ... Female attendant
  Barbara Parker ... Female attendant
  Mick Jones ... Male attendant (as Mike Jones)
  Tom Kloud ... Male attendant
  Ariel Porny ... Male attendant
  Tyler Reynolds ... Trapeze guy (as Theodore Horne)
  Ted McKnight ... Male attendant
  Rick Dayton ... Male attendant
  Kurt Harmon ... Audience member (as Kirt Harmon)
  Jan Harmon ... Audience member
  Nancy Willson ... Audience member
  Linda Chapman ... Audience member
  Leticia Torrez ... Audience member
  George Marconi ... Audience member
  Jon Martin ... Audience member (as Jerry Ross)
  Mira Vane ... Audience member
  Barry Vane ... Audience member
  Martha Strawberry ... Audience member
  Hadley V. Baxendale ... Audience member
  Erin Lee ... Audience member
  Bill Hadley ... Audience member
  Michael Gebe ... Audience member
  Richard Coburn ... Audience member